Process: Installation

Title: Floating Down the River
Medium: River Sticks, Mixed Medium
Size: Varied

Floating Down the River is a series of sculpture made from sticks I collected from the Roaring Fork River. The sticks were chosen carefully, both ends have been naturally broken or chewed. Using the sticks as a metaphor, I am the sticks. I am floating through this marvelous life just like the sticks drifting down the river.

I have been living in big tree country for the last 4 winters. Beautiful, fragrant and monumental Eucalyptus trees surround me. The bark continuously curls off the trees leaving piles of wand shaped natural sculpture at their bases. These curls are what have nestled themselves into these sticks. Metaphorically the sticks are me, i.e. they are my structure. The eucalyptus trees and the place they come from are becoming part of my structure-even if it is just for now.

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