Title: Sounding Form
Medium: Clay & Sand
Size: 24” Diameter Wall Work

Artist Q&A

How or why did you pick the subject matter for your design?
So much of my work has implied function. When I started to see this form as a shell I was reminded ofP7100012
putting a shell to my ear to hear the “ocean”.  As a girl I really believed it was the ocean. Now I know that I
was hearing my own sound. Hearing oneself became the subject of the sculpture. I hope that the viewer will
look in to the form and “hear” them self-echoing back. This is a place for meditation.

Explain the techniques used.
The clay form was made in a drape form mold. The mold was made by cutting a circular hole in a piece
of plywood. Then fabric was draped into the hole and stapled into place. Next I threw a thick slab of clay,
draped it in to the fabric sling and formed the contours with my hands. I left the clay in the mold until it was
bone dry, then removed, refined and fired the piece. I have found that this is my most successful method for
creating organic forms.P7100004_1

Were any special techniques used?
Yes, I painted with the sand. I am interested in the sand paintings created by Native Americans and
Nepalese monks. Both cultures rarefy the material. This is all sand gathered from beaches I’ve been to. I
have respect for the material and the Earth. The contour lines echo the lines on the beach left by the ebb
and flow of water.

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